$20,000 First Home Buyers Grant ENDING June 30th 2018!

If you are a parent who wants to help your son/daughter secure the $20,000 grant I would encourage you to come along to our FREE Property Education night on Tuesday 29th May at 6.15pm to discover how a young couple (with NO Deposit) secured the $20,000 grant with the help of their parents. Register here www.kindredinvestments.com.au

This hardworking couple with 2 small children had been renting for almost 5 years and found it impossible to save enough for the deposit to take advantage of the $20,000 First Home Buyers Grant and felt they would never be able to get into the property market and eventually turned to their parents for advice to help purchase their first home.

After discussing the matter with their parents and their mortgage broker, the decision was made to allow access to the equity Mum and Dad had created over the years in their own home and basically lend the young couple enough funds (on paper) to allow them to place a deposit on their first home and take advantage of the $20,000 grant.

Due to the size of the deposit allowed, they also helped avoid costly mortgage insurance saving approximately $11,000.00!

Once the loan was set in place, we went shopping, secured the land and selected a builder to finally commence construction of their brand new home.

Just recently I visited the lot where the concrete slab had just been poured to “wet the slab” with a couple of drinks with the young couple and parents plus kids in tow.

You can imagine the excitement the young family felt as the kids ran around getting a feel for the new neighborhood but the main thing I noticed was the proud Mum and Dad who knew the dream of the young couple owning their first home would not have been possible without their help.

And the best news is, the mortgage repayments are actually lower than the rent they were paying!

I am sure you will agree as property prices increase on a regular basis it seems for a lot of first home buyers the dream of owning their own home is just that….. a dream. Hence the reason 54% of first home buyer loans in Australia today are arranged with assistance from parents.

Not all parents are in a position to help in this manner, but if you are it could really help your son/daughters future.

Should you wish to help your son/daughter get into the property market and take advantage of the soon to end $20,000 first home buyers grant, you should register for our next property education night on 29th May at our Kindreds head office 35 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe. Register now at www.kindredinvestments.com.au

Can’t make it on the night? Contact Terry Loftus, manager investments and finance at Kindred today and request a free copy of the First Home Buyers Guide. It will help you understand the purchasing process and determine if it is a path you wish to take.

Email Terry now terry@kindred.com.au stating “Free Guide” or call Terry on 0412472172

By the way, the $20,000 grant if forecast to finish on June 30th 2018, therefore time is of the essence if you wish to take advantage of the grant.

You still have time, but you should be aware any contracts need to be executed before 30th June 2018 for the grant to be secured.

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